icm for power plants

As an essential service, Power Plant operations cannot be hindered by unnecessary shutdowns. ICM’s ability to perform preparatory work while plant operations are on-going allows chimney maintenance and repairs to be quickly and efficiently executed during short scheduled outages. Our quick turnaround is critical to these plants and the power grids they supply. Whether servicing tall concrete stacks or steel stacks, ICM helps to keep our nuclear, hydro and fossil fuel power plants running.

power plants

icm for refineries

Gas, Petroleum and Specialty Chemical Plants offer particular challenges for maintenance and repair. ICM’s many years of experience working with steel towers and bridges, multiple vacuum towers, flare stacks, steel boiler stacks, crude heater and hydro cat cracker stacks, assure that all inspections and repairs are performed on time, so that refinery operations can remain on schedule. Even under extraordinary circumstances, such as having to work with the plant online, in a harsh environment or under cold permit, ICM’s experts will engineer a custom solution for every situation.


icm for mining

The mining industry has gone through a great expansion as the world’s need for resources has grown. Mines require smelting operations that generate great amounts of hot acidic gases that need to be vented through large super stacks. The height of these stacks can be in excess of 1200 feet. ICM’s use of custom scaffolding along with remote camera and hot-cam inspections allows necessary repairs to be discovered and dealt with, safely and expediently.


icm for other industries

Whether at a steel mill, a factory, or a hospital - ICM has the expertise and ability to service all kinds of chimneys, as well as tower and bridge structures. We take pride in delivering top quality workmanship to every customer, utilizing the most advanced technologies. Our customized solutions are suited to all industries.

other industries